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Magic Electro Water droplet

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Core Technology

is The Magic Electro Water droplet ”

The origin of the word “technology” traces back to the Greek word "techne", which refers to the human’s liberation from death, poverty, ilness, and other challenges. Through A2US’s unique technology “MEW”, we commit to solve various problems in our lives and strive for freedom in diverse fields such as smart farming, air purification, and more.

Improved humidification efficiency
Antibacterial & antiviral
Odor removal
Fine Dust Removal

With hy MEW technology,
various industry applications are extending

  • air purification
    Air purification

    In one second, approximately 500 billion micro-droplets containing OH radicals undergo chemical reactions, effectively capturing dust through the utilization of high surface area and charge. This process allows for the safe purification of the air.

  • smart farm
    Smart farm

    The technology of creating charged water droplets has an impact on the growth of plants and the preservation of food. Moreover, by adjusting the spraying volume, it can be applied to aeroponics, enabling efficient operation with minimal water usage.

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