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Naturally-occurring OH radicals, which have excellent sterilization properties for bacteria and viruses but are not harmful like fluorine, chlorine, or ozone, are added to these water droplets, allowing them to remove not only the COVID-19 virus but also various other bacteria and ultra-fine dust.

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    Initiation of water electrospray based air purification technology development

    • KAIST's micro mechanical engineering laboratory (Led by prof. Seung Seob Lee) took on the Development of technology for providing safe air purification functionality such as humidification, antibacterial/antiviral purification, deodorization, and fine dust reduction
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    Development of MEMS applied nozzle film

    • Film type nozzle developed in applying Micro Electro Mechanical Systems which is used by semi-conductor manufacuring
    • High voltage to water generating ultra-fine droplets and natural sterilizing substances (OH radical)
    • Developed of various nozzles to control the size and amount of water droplets
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    Performance and safety verified

    • Holding numerous IPR on water micro electrospray applied air purification and more.
    • Verified of sterilization performance such as Escherichia coli, etc.
    • Proved the harmlessness on the human body with respiratory reaction experiments
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    Verification of applicable areas

    • Products developed for application to smart farms, etc.
    • Example application for deodorization in a livestock enclosure
    • Water Micro Electrospray corporation established (A2US)
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    Electrospray Nozzle Development and Testing

    • Development and test for electrospray nozzle stabilization
    • Participation in R&D tasks of key components for air purification appliances
    • Performance verification and certified evaluation of electrospray nozzle
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    Module stabilization and prototype production

    • Development and commercialization of polymer electrospray nozzle film
    • Portable/desktop prototype production based on the developed commercial nozzle
    • Application scope expansion in air purification, smart farm, and more
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