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Working Mechanism

Approximately 50 billion OH radicals that are encapsulated in microdroplets undergo chemical reactions in a second and purify the air by dust collection in a safe manner, owing to high surface area and charged particles

application plan application plan
  • # of droplets of MEW


  • # of OH radicals of MEW


  • Anti-biotic/bacterial

    The loss of a hydrogen atom, caused by the reaction of bacteria and viruses with OH radicals within the droplets, leads to protein degradation and subsequent elimination of the microorganisms.

  • Ultrafine dust collection

    The capture of ultrafine dust particles is facilitated by the combined action of the electrostatic force exerted by charged microdroplets and their physical collisions.

  • Odor reduction

    The odor-causing substances are eliminated through a reaction with OH radicals.

A2US Air Purification Technology

  • Cone-jet (Internal suction type)

  • Simple-jet (External spraying type)

  • Simple-jet (5array)

Antimicrobial Test

Bioaerosol Reduction Test

Inhalation Toxicity Assessment※ Image of histopathological test, the analysis graph of flow cytometry

Promotion of agricultural production and freshness preservation when combined with smart farm, the key component of the 4th Industrial revolution

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